RJZ Automatic Cartoning Machine

Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China
RJZ Automatic Cartoning Machine

Performance Characteristics

  • It adopts the packing form of automatic folding of manual paper into box, feeding, opening, boxing, batch numbering,box sealing, waste rejection, etc. The structure is compact and reasonable, and the operation and adjustment are simple.
  • Adopting servo/stepping motor and touch screen, PLC programmable control system,the man-machine interface display operation is clearer and simpler, with high degree of automation, and more humane.
  • The photoelectric eye automatic detection and tracking system is adopted, and the box can not be placed in an empty package,which saves packing materials to the greatest extent.
  • Packing range, easy to adjust, quick conversion between various speifications and sizes.
  • It can realize linkage production with aluminum-plastic packing machine, pillow packing machine,three-dimensional packing machine, bottling line, filling machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer,
  • online weighing instrument, and other production line lights.

Scope of application

  • This product is suitable for box packing of medicines, food, cosmetics, auto parts, electronics and daily necessities and similar items
  • It has functions such as automatic folding of the instruction manual, automatic opening of the carton, boxing of items,batch number printing, and box sealing (hot melt adhesive can also be used).


Technical Parameters

Model RJZ
Packing Speed(bag/min) 30-120
Box/quality Requirement(g/m³) 280-350 (Depending on the carton)
Size Range(mm) L(65-220)×W (30-85)×H (15-60)
Quality Requirement(g/m²) 60-70(Subject to availability)
Instructions/Unfolded Size Range (mm) L(80-180) × W(80-260)
Folded Size Range (mm) L(80-180) × W(25-40) 
Air Pressure/Operation Pressure(Mpa) ≥0.6
Voltage (V/Hz) 380/ 50
Main Motor Power(kw) 1.5 
Overall Dimensions(mm) L3200×W1150×H1700
Net Weight(kg) about1400

RJZ Automatic Cartoning MachineRJZ Automatic Cartoning MachineRJZ Automatic Cartoning MachineRJZ Automatic Cartoning MachineRJZ Automatic Cartoning Machine

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