Various operating explanations and precautions for pillow packaging machines!

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Pillow packaging machine products have many advantages, so they are used in many industries, and there are many models. With the continuous advancement of technology, the products are becoming more and more popular. The following is a relevant explanation of the product:

Safety operating procedures for pillow packaging machines are very necessary. Safe operating procedures can avoid errors and accidents.

1. Do not use this machine without knowing the correct operation method and safety rules of the machine.

2. Any safety devices, guards, face lock devices, safety warnings and operating instructions, signs, etc. on the machine are prohibited from being defaced and removed.

3. Before operating, you should know the location and operation method of the emergency stop button.

4. When working, you must wear work clothes and work caps that comply with industrial safety regulations. It is strictly prohibited to wear loose clothes, ties, scarves and loose work.

5. Before starting, check whether the screws in all parts of the machine are loose and whether there are foreign objects on the table.

6. After starting, observe whether the machine is running normally and whether there are any abnormal noises or abnormalities. If found, please notify the maintenance worker in time for inspection.

7. Do not touch the inside of the machine or electrical parts until the power is turned off. Do not put your hands into the end seal, the heating sealing wheel and the operating mechanism while the machine is running.