RJW500-F Single Or Three Servo Automatic Packing Machine

Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China
RJW500-F Single Or Three Servo Automatic Packing Machine

Performance Characeristics

  • Motion control, servo system, precise control
  • Level touch screen adjustment without manual adjustment
  • Electronic cam adjustment speed, no manual adjustment
  • High-precision photoelectric tracking system, accurate sealing and stopping position
  • Automatically memorize product information,
  • reduce comissioning time for re production and waste of packing materials
  • Important electrical parts adopt international famous brands and have stable performance
  • Appearance material stainless steel

Scope of application

It is mainly used for the packing of various solid objects such as biscuits, bread, moon cakes,medicines, daily necessities, hardware parts, electrical components, paper boxes or trays.

Technical Parameters

Model RJW-500F
Packing Speed(bag/min) 10-150
Packing Size(mm) L120-999 W30-180 H5-100
Film Max Width(mm) <500
Film Thickness(mm) ≥0.02
Power 2.5KW
Voltage 220V,50/60Hz
Overall Dimensions(mm) L5320×W1020×H1520
Weight(kg) 750
Package 3.1CBM,2CASES
Package Material OPP/PP、OPP/CPP、PT/PE、PE、KOP/CPP、PT/PE/、AL/PE etc.

Optional configuration: full servo control, punching, corner inserting, labeling, alcohol spraying, automatic film connection, no material standby, thermal transfer, suction

RJW500-F Single Or Three Servo Automatic Packing Machine

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