Bread And Sweets


Bread, also known as buns, is a food made by grinding grains (usually wheat) and heating them.Baked food is made of wheat flour as the main raw material, yeast, eggs, oil, sugar, salt, etc. as auxiliary materials, adding water to form a dough, and going through processes such as dividing, forming, proofing, baking, and cooling.


Candies can be divided into hard candies, hard sandwich candies, cream candies, gel candies, polished candies, gum-based candies, inflated candies and tablet candies.Among them, hard candies are a type of candies with a hard and crisp texture made of white sugar and starch syrup as the main ingredients; hard sandwich candies are hard candies with fillings in the candies; milk-fat candies are made of white sugar, starch syrup or other Candies made of sugar, oil and dairy products as the main ingredients, with a protein of not less than 1.5%, a fat of not less than 3.0%, and a special creamy and burnt aroma.